How Do You Make A WhatsApp Folder On IPhone?

Why does iPhone separate photos into folders?

There are many reasons why the iPhone will create additional DCIM folders.

After a certain number of photos, it may create a new folder.

Or if a different app is used to take the photos, it may create a new DCIM folder.

Also, you can sync photos from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes..

How do I convert iPhone photos to documents?

How to Convert Images to PDFs on Your iPhone and iPadDownload and launch PDF Expert.Tap the blue plus sign at the bottom to add the file you wish to convert. You can import a picture from the Photos and Files app, your computer, or cloud storage.Tap … More on the file.Select Convert to PDF.That’s it!

How do I create a file on WhatsApp?

One easy way to create a . nomedia file in any of the WhatsApp media (Images, Video, Audio, etc.)…Here’s how:Download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store.Use ES File Explorer to open the WhatsApp media folder you want to create a . nomedia file.Tap the Menu button > + New > File.Enter the filename .nomedia.Aug 12, 2016

How can I save WhatsApp media folder in iPhone?

Go to Settings. Scroll down and tap on Privacy. Tap on Photos. Now turn off the switch for WhatsApp.

How can I open PDF file in WhatsApp in iPhone?

How to Send PDF Files via WhatsApp on iPhoneOpen WhatsApp and choose one conversation.Tap on Up Arrow button next to the text box > Click Share Document.Choose the source of the PDF file you want to send. … Select the PDF > Tap on Send to confirm.Sep 23, 2020

Can I send a folder in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp now allows you to share all file types including apk, jpg, txt and zip files. … Users has to upload the file either on cloud or Google drive to share it with others. The new update will allow users to share large files with just one tap. The process to attach files is similar to we send other files on the app.

How do I transfer photos from WhatsApp to iPhone?

How to Download and Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhoneOpen WhatsApp on your iPhone > tap on Settings icon located in bottom menu.On WhatsApp Settings screen, tap on Chats.On the next screen, toggle OFF the slider next to Save to Camera Roll.

How do I save a picture from a different folder on WhatsApp?

Just go to the Gallery app and look for the “WhatsApp Images” folder. Sometimes, the folder is present in the “Other” section on Gallery as well. If you want, you can just copy pictures from the WhatsApp Images folder and paste it anywhere else.

Where is WhatsApp folder in iPhone?

Part 1: Where to find the WhatsApp folderFirstly, get to your ‘File Manager’ or ‘File Browser’ according to your device.Then, you’ll find ‘Internal Storage’. Tap on it and scroll down for ‘WhatsApp’.Lastly, go to ‘Media’ and here you can locate the files/images/videos/audios shared on WhatsApp.

How do I create a folder in WhatsApp?

Tap and hold a message or a chat > Tap Label > You can add an existing label or a new label. Note: You can create up to 20 labels.

How do I search for a folder on my iPhone?

View files and folders in Files on iPhoneTap Browse at the bottom of the screen, then tap an item on the Browse screen. If you don’t see the Browse screen, tap Browse again.To open a file, location, or folder, tap it. Note: If you haven’t installed the app that created a file, a preview of the file opens in Quick Look.

How do I put WhatsApp files on my iPhone?

About This ArticleTap the Chats tab.Tap the “+” icon next to the message field.Tap Document.Tap Send to confirm.

Where are my files on iPhone?

You’ll find the Files app on the second home screen, by default.Tap the Files icon to open the app.On the Browse screen: … Once in a source, you may tap files to open or preview them, and you may tap folders to open them and view their contents.More items…

How do I view WhatsApp files on iPhone?

You can check every app’s “Documents and Data” on your iPhone and see how much it eat up the storage space on your device. Simply go to “Settings” > “General” > “Storage & iCloud Usage” > “Manage Storage” on your iPhone, then tap “WhatsApp” option to see the “Documents & Data” occupies how much space on your iPhone.

How do you create a file on WhatsApp?

Once you’ve saved your image, pull up your WhatsApp contact of choice and tap the plus sign button to add an attachment to your message. Then select “Document” rather than “Photo.” This will pull up your Files, and from here you can find and select your image.