Question: What Does Opt Slang Mean?

What does OTF mean in texting?

What does OTF stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningOTFOn-the-FlyOTFOn the Floor (laughing)OTFOn the Phone (chat)OTFOver the Fence9 more rows.

What does opt mean on Snapchat?

The word “opt” simply means to “make a choice.” So, an opt-in means that the recipient is choosing to subscribe to your texting communications. In other words, they’re providing consent to receive your text messages.

What is 4KTrey?

YoungBoy also throws rhymes about 4KTrey which is another name for his supposed set of the Bloods gang 4KT. … 4KTrey shows up in many songs by YoungBoy including the hit from AI YoungBoy 2 called Slime Mentality.

What does oof mean sexually?

* As slang usage in parts of Central California, originating in Stockton, California, to oof means to go get stoned. * As slang usage in parts of Hawaii, to oof means to have sexual intercourse.

What does OTP mean in education?

OTP in Education2OTPOccupational Training Programme Development, Study, Learning0OTPOpen Tech Programme0OTPOpen Training Platform Technology, Communication, Science0OTPOrientation and Transition Programs University, Student, Program0OTPOught to Pass House, Vote, Committee5 more rows

What does BBC stand for in texting?

Big Bad ChallengeBBC means Big Bad Challenge in text messaging.

What does opt mean in school?

Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 Students. USCIS.

What are opts?

(ɒpt ) Word forms: opts, opting, opted. transitive verb/intransitive verb. If you opt for something, or opt to do something, you choose it or decide to do it in preference to anything else.

What does OTP mean on Imessage?

OTP​ is a string of characters or numbers automatically generated to be used for one single login attempt. OTP, One Time Passwords in full, can be sent to the user’s phone via SMS, Voice or Push message and is used to protect web-based services, private credentials, and data.

How do you use the word opt?

Opt sentence exampleHis tone was genuinely questioning, and she felt grateful that he was giving her the choice to opt out. … When the persons elected met they had no choice but to co opt the 104 from the Left of the Convention. … To accommodate more guests, you could opt for spending less per head on the receptions.More items…

Is opt a formal word?

Pick is a more informal word and often a less careful action, used especially when the choice being made is not very important. Opt – to choose to take or not to take a particular course of action: After graduating she opted for a career in music.

What does OTP mean slang?

One True PairingOTP, which stands for One True Pairing, is a term that signifies a person’s favorite fictional romantic relationship.