Question: Why Can’T I Play My IPhone Music On Sonos?

How do I connect my iPhone to Sonos?

Sonos S1 app for iOS or AndroidConnect your device to the WiFi network that Sonos is on.Open the Sonos app.When you see the message “Sonos found” at the top of the screen, tap Connect.Tap Let’s connect.

Once you see “Connected to your Sonos system,” select Done..

Why can’t I play my iTunes on Sonos?

It’s not compatible with AirPlay so you can’t stream to it from iTunes. You can only access your iTunes library via the Sonos app. You have to download the Sonos app to your computer, then set up iTunes as your Music Library. … Once it indexed the music the ‘Music Library’ link was in the app.

How do I add my music library to Sonos?

iOS or AndroidOpen the Sonos app for iOS or Android.From the Settings tab, tap System > Music Library > Update Music Index Now.Tap Scan Now.

How long does it take Sonos to update music library?

15 minutesThe process might take up to 15 minutes depending on the size of the music library.

How do I bluetooth my phone to Sonos?

1) Switch Move to Bluetooth mode Find the Mode button located on the back of your Move between the Power and Join button. Press the button once to switch to Bluetooth Mode. Move will chime and the LED on top of the speaker will turn blue.

Can I play my Apple music library on Sonos?

You can join Apple Music, free for the first three months*, by taking a few simple steps. From the menu, tap on Add Music Service, tap Apple Music, tap Add to Sonos, then Start 3-Month Free Trial. … On Android, download Apple Music from the Google Play store, then open the app and sign up for your free trial.

Why won’t my music library play on Sonos?

If your recently purchased or downloaded songs are not showing up in Sonos, try reindexing your music library. … You can update your music library using either the Sonos app on your computer or the Sonos app on your mobile device. On a Mac or PC, open the Sonos app and select Manage > Update Music Library Now.

Why won’t my iPhone connect to Sonos?

Make sure you’re connected to the right Wi-Fi network Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your computer, phone, or tablet, and confirm it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Sonos. Check that your device isn’t connected to a guest network as this can prevent your device from connecting to Sonos.

How do I AirPlay to Sonos?

Start an AirPlay stream using an iPhone or iPadOn your iPhone or iPad, open Control Center by swiping down from the top right of the screen. … Find the audio card in the upper right-hand corner, then tap the. … Tap one or more Sonos products to stream the same audio across all of them using AirPlay.

Where is Sonos music library stored?

The music library is still stored on your computer or networked location that you directed Sonos to. The players don’t have the memory to store a music library on them.

Can I play my own music on Sonos?

To play your own music from your Android device on Sonos, follow the steps below: Open the Sonos app on your Android device. Go to the Browse tab and tap on This Mobile Device. Choose the music or playlist you want to play.

How do I set up multiple users on Sonos?

How to add a Family member to your SonosOpen Sonos.From the Settings tab, tap Services & Voice.Under Music & Content, tap Add a Service.Click on Add to Sonos, then select I already have an account.Click on Authorize, then enter the credentials of the Admin account.Select the Profile you want to add on your Sonos.May 27, 2020

How do I play Apple music from iPhone to Sonos?

How to play Apple Music on your Sonos speakerSelect “Services & Voice” in “Settings” on the Sonos app. … Add a service at the bottom of your iPad or other device. … Select Apple Music on the pop-up menu. … Select an option to begin the sign-in process. … Enter your Apple Music username and password.More items…•Jul 23, 2020